23 июл. 2010 г.

Crushing Days - Tribute To Joe Satriani

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Tribute To Joe Satriani
Genre: Guitar Instrumental
Year: 2001
Format: 256 kbps mp3
01. Slav Simanic "Crushing Day" 
02. Joboj "Big Bad Moon" 
03. Rob Balducci "Ice Nine" 
04. Kelly Jones "Satch Boogie" 
05. Carl Roa "Summer Song" 
06. Dave Martone "Crush Of Love" 
07. Terry Syrek "New Day" 
08 .Michael Chlasciak "Driving At Night" 
09. Steve Mannocchi "Why?" 
10. Ron Thal "Always With You, Always With Me" 
11. Steve Booke "Hordes Of Locusts

Crushing Days: A Tribute To Joe Satriani pays tribute to the most successful and influential rock instrumentalist of all time. Joe Satriani first burst onto the scene nearly 15 years ago, landing a high profile gig with Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger. Since that time he has released eight albums and has been nominated for six Grammy awards. This tribute CD features the axe work of eleven independent artists, each interpreting a different Satriani composition. From Carl Roa's jazzy cover of "Summer Song", to Mike Chlasciak's heavy interpretation of "Driving At Night", to Ron Thal's flute-heavy take on "Always With Me, Always With You", you'll get a true flavor of the great influence of Joe Satriani on the instrumental scene today.


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