14 мар. 2013 г.

Jeff Loomis - Zero Order Phase

Artist: Jeff Loomis
Album: Zero Order Phase
Year: 2008
Genre: Progressive Metal, Shred, Speed Metal, Instrumental, Virtuoso
Format: mp3, 320 kbps
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com/

With his blistering fast lead chops, impeccably clean technique, and exceptional composition skills, Jeff Loomis is recognized as one of the top guitarists on the progressive metal scene today. Since the early 1990s, the guitar virtuoso has been a primary creative force in the Seattle-based band Nevermore, and he’s recently spread his wings as a solo artist with the impressive debut effort Zero Order Phase.


[04:54] 01. Shouting Fire at a Funeral
[06:07] 02. Opulent Maelstrom
[04:41] 03. Jato Unit
[04:59] 04. Azure Haze
[06:16] 05. Cashmere Shiv
[06:13] 06. Race against Disaster
[04:50] 07. Sacristy
[06:16] 08. Devil Theory
[05:45] 09. Miles of Machines
[03:56] 10. Departure


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