31 мая 2010 г.

Dave Martone - Shut Up 'N Listen

Shut Up 'N Listen (re-released for 2004 as a Video Enhanced CD with bonus live and studio footage) features the fast 'n furious fingers of Vancouver-based guitarist David Martone, who has produced an all-instrumental release packed with emotion, impressive solos and controlled mayhem. Shut Up 'N Listen documents Martone's flawless guitar technique over the speed metal breaks in "@$%! Up", the blazing solo section in "Pigeon Walk", and the sweeping chorus motif of "Lips Tulips." Fans of contemporary instrumental rock will find plenty to like in this exciting release. Includes the bonus track, "It's About Time". 

Artist: Dave Martone
Album: Shut Up 'N Listen
Country: Canada
Genre: Shred / Guitar Instrumental / Guitar Virtuoso 
Format: mp3 160 kbps
Time: 33:25
Size: ~40 Mb 
Tracks: 8 
1. Pigeon Walk (3:41)
2. Playing Between The Molecules (3:34)
3. Lips Tulips (4:01)
4. Waves of Emotion (5:34)
5. Palpitation (6:21)
6. Party In The Cockpit (3:47)
7. Shut Up (4:52)
8. A.M.D. (1:35)

Download #1 

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