31 мая 2010 г.

Dave Martone - Zone

Zone finds ace guitarist David Martone stretching himself towards a more progressive sound compared with his first release, "Shut Up N' Listen", incorporating jazz and industrial influences, while continuing to provide the trademark Martone shred soloing and heavy rhythm work throughout the CD. Zone also features some beautiful slower interludes, such as "Harmonix" and "Missed Birthday", while instrumentals such as "B52" and "Free Bop" pack a furious punch -- air guitarists will tie their fingers in knots trying to keep up. An essential instrumental release marked by its celebration of musical diversity.

Artist: Dave Martone
Album: Zone
Country: Canada
Genre: Guitar Instrumental / Shred / Guitar Virtuoso
Size: 75 Mb
Time: 01:01:20
Format: mp3 ~224 kbps VBR
Tracks: 13

1. B52 (6:30)
2. Harmonix (2:25)
3. 7th Dimension (11:20)
4. Missed Birthday (1:55)
5. The Fan (5:57)
6. Fish To L.A. (6:59)
7. Tap Thang (1:24)
8. Free Bop (5:19)
9. Jazzanada (1:31)
10. Victoria (4:43)
11. Bach-Tone (3:51)
12. Dave Martone - Eight Notes (7:01)
13. Dave Martone - Lets Dream (2:25)

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