21 янв. 2011 г.

Jonas Hellborg - The Word

Artist: Jonas Hellborg
Album: The Word
Year: 1991
Genre:  Jazz Rock, Jazz
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com
1. Akasha
2. Zat Listen
3. Saut-E Sarmad
4. Two Rivers Listen
5. Be! And All Become
6. Poets
7. Black Rite
8. Cherokee Mist
9. Miklagaard
10. Path over Clouds

This is an intriguing and rather original set of music. Jonas Hellborg, whose conception of the acoustic bass guitar is much closer to a guitar than to a bass, teams up with drummer Tony Williams and the flexible Soldier String Quartet. The sparse sextet explores songs that (according to the liners) are influenced by Arab music, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Williams' Lifetime and Bartok. A variety of moods are explored and the unusual blend of instruments and styles grow in interest each time they are heard. It is a pity though that the playing time is less than 37 minutes. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide


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