17 янв. 2011 г.

Tony MacAlpine - Master Of Paradise

Artist: Tony MacAlpine
Album: Master Of Paradise
Year: 1999
Genre:  Guitar Virtuoso
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com
1. Maker Is King (4:55)
2. Years of Darkness (3:48)
3. Live to Die (5:23)
4. Circus (6:46)
5. Years of Darkness (4:14)
6. Master of Paradise (6:14)
7. Time (5:03)
8. Imagination (5:14)
9. Final Hour (4:29)
10. Bord d'Une Source (3:16)

It had been awhile since Tony MacAlpine released any new solo material when Master of Paradise came out, but the album isn't really that much of a departure from his prior work, except for the fact that for the first time, MacAlpine handles lead vocals in addition to guitar heroics. The results aren't always incredible, but MacAlpine generally gets the job done, solidly if unspectacularly. Still, that's a secondary weapon in his arsenal; the main focus is on his neo-classical, Yngwie Malmsteen-influenced guitar style, and deliver the fireworks he does. Fans of old-school hard rock guitar virtuosics should be quite pleased. 


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