5 авг. 2010 г.

Buckethead - Forensic Follies

Artist: Buckethead
Album: Forensic Follies
Year: 2009
Genre: Guitar Instrumental, Avant-Garde
Format: 256 kbps mp3

Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com/
1. Forensic Follies (3:54)
2. A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons (6:24)
3. Splinter in a Slunk's Eye (5:34)
4. Under Sea Scalp (2:52)
5. Whirlwind (3:35)
6. Plunger (3:06)
7. Trunk of the Tree (2:02)
8. Slunk Shrine (2:11)
9. Open Coffin Jamboree (3:16)
10. (I'll Be) Taking Care of Grampa (2:36)
11. Three Headed Troll (2:23)
12. Splinter Dissection (2:12)
13. Mannequin Molds (2:40)

   Forensic Follies is the twenty-seventh solo album by avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, and the sixth album to be originally released on tour, first being sold at Buckethead's May 2009 concerts.
   It is another album from the Dan Monti production line, and has a similar sound to the more recent releases.
   This album consists mainly of guitar playing over backing tracks from previous albums, e.g. "Slunk Shrine" uses the drum track from "Gigan" off the album The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, while other songs feature sounds from Buckethead's album Slaughterhouse on the Prairie.


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