4 авг. 2010 г.

Freak Kitchen - Land Of The Freaks

Artist: Freak Kitchen
Album: Land Of The Freaks
Year: 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock, 'Freak'
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. God Save The Spleen (4:30)
2. Hip Hip Hoorah (4:40)
3. Teargas Jazz (5:41)
4. Sick Death By Hypochondria (3:59)
5. OK (3:46)
6. Honey You're A Nazi (4:21)
7. The Only Way (3:20)
8. Murder Groupie (4:44)
9. The Smell Of Time (3:26)
10. One Last Dance (4:09)
11. Do Not Disturb (3:01)
12. Clean It Up (3:45)

Land of the Freaks, the seventh Freak Kitchen album, shows a band hungry, energetic and determined to break new ground! With vivid South Indian carnatic influences Mattias, Bjцrn and Chris go where no metal band has gone before, combining breathtaking rhythm structures with top-notch song-writing over tonality unheard of in metal music. Featuring Radhakrishna on double-violin and V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera, it's a milestone in the band's recording history.


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