6 авг. 2010 г.

Shawn Lane - Powers Of Ten

Artist: Shawn Lane
Album: Powerts Of Ten
Year: 1992
Genre: Instrumantal, Fusion, Progressive
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. Get You Back (4:43)
2. West Side Boogie (4:42)
3. Not Again (3:54)
4. Esperanto (3:47)
5. Illusions (4:19)
6. Piano Concertino: Transformation of Themes (9:05)
7. Powers of Ten: Suite (13:04)
8. Paris (5:49)
9. Rules of the Game (4:00)
10. Gray Pianos Flying (3:10)
11. Epilogue (For Lisa) (2:45)

   A little history for you, Shawn Lane was one of the most extraordinary guitarists the world has never saw, a genius that never got the recognition he deserved. After playing with Black Oak Arkansas at the mere age of 16, Shawn was a regular player amongst bars and clubs in Memphis, Tennessee, where he became something of a "myth" amongst professional guitarists about Shawn's amazing dexterity and speed. Virtuoso’s such as George Lynch, Kirk Hammet, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe and more saw him live or on tape and said that they couldn't believe what they saw and heard, and apparently guitarist Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top fell of his chair in awe when watching Shawn live! After playing with Jazz icons Frank Gambale and Bret Garsed on MVP’s Centrifugal Funk album, Shawn got on the Warner Bros. Label and released his debut instrumental album Powers of Ten in 1992.
   Now if you are a fan of Shawn Lane from seeing videos of him on Youtube (If you haven’t, check it out), chances are you either like/love Jazz or you are guitarist who is interested in seeing what this guy’s music sounded like. Well this album will satisfy any person who fits in either of those two categories, as it is rich in melody to keep the Jazz enthusiast happy and enough warp speed guitar licks for the guitar shredder to shout “NO WAY!” loud enough for everyone to hear.
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