10 авг. 2010 г.

Shawn Lane - Powers Of Ten - Live!

Artist: Shawn Lane
Album: Powers Of Ten - Live!
Year: 2001
Genre: Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Format: 128 kbps mp3
1. Introduction (I Think You Know Why You're Here?) (0:08)
2. Esperanto (3:47)
3. Gray Pianos Flying (3:08)
4. Black Market (8:53)
5. West Side Boogie (5:50)
6. Epilogue for Lisa (3:05)
7. Illusions (4:18)
8. Get You Back (7:11)
9. Not Again (5:22)
10. Drum And Guitar Solo (4:27)
11. Tri-Heaven (4:03)
12. Hardcase (9:00)
13. Drum Solo, Pt. 1 (1:02)
14. Drum Solo, Pt. 2 (1:47)
15. Tri 7/5 (6:43)
16. Introduction of Musicians (0:27)
17. Rules of the Game (4:24)

If you have Shawn Lane's studio release Powers of Ten, then you need to get this too. Even if you don't, you still are likely to enjoy this one. But, being familiar with these songs makes it all the more impressive to here Shawn & company pull them off. Shawn,s passing away a few years ago was devastating as a fan, but this exceptional performance has been captured for all of us who never saw a Shawn Lane show to enjoy for ever. It's amazing! 


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