20 авг. 2010 г.

Steve Vai - Flexable Leftovers

Artist: Steve Vai
Album: Flexable Leftovers
Year: 1998 (re-release)
Genre: Guitar Virtuoso, Experimental Rock, Rock
Format: vbr 320 kbps mp3
1. #?@! Yourself (8:30)
2. So Happy (2:46)
3. Bledsoe Bluvd (4:24)
4. Natural Born Boy (3:36)
5. Details At 10 (6:00)
6. Massacre (3:27)
7. Burnin' Down The Mountain (4:23)
8. Little Pieces Of Seaweed (5:14)
9. San Sebastian (1:10)
10. The Beast Of Love (3:32)
11. You Didn't Break It (4:21)
12. The X-Equalibrium Dance (5:14)
13. Chronic Insomnia (2:03)

It's a real shame that so many people don't appreciate GOOD music when they hear it, and have the sort of attitude like, " (I) don't like it, so that means it (#$%@)". Well, whatever. I'm not gonna go off like other people, telling you that you SHOULD like this record. I mean, it's perfectly alright if don't you dig this, but it ISN'T alright if you start badmouthing the quality and musical merit of it. The material on this album is actually really good, and really CREATIVE. The reason i would more respect for than say, "Alien Love Secrets", is that it showcases Mr. Vai's talents in more areas than just on the guitar (although some of the more inspired guitar i have ever heard from shows up on a couple of tracks on this disc). Perhaps a track-by-track overview of the album would help give a better impression of what one can expect to hear:

1.#$%@ Yourself - funky, and freakin' hilarious. This is one of the album's vocal-led tracks, containing some very, very humourous lyrics. Personally, this is one of my least favourates on the album, because while the lyrics WILL have you on the ground in hysterics, the words just aren't backed up by all that great of music. But, if you hang on till the end, theres quite a nice extended gtr. solo that should fulfill those wanting to hear some grade A shredding. This track is the reason for the "explicit lyrics" labeling.

2. So Happy - This one also falls under the freakin' hilarious category. Here's roughly the story of what this track is all about: basically, Steve got this chick to go off on an improvised rant about how happy she is, and then transcribed the pitch of her voice and doubled it on guitar. This is the kind of thing that doesn't lend itself very well to repeated listening, but each time you listen, and suddenly hear that guitar come in, you can't help but marvel at how cool of an idea it was.

3. Bledsoe Bluvd. - instrumental. No, not a guitar instrumental, but this is a rather nice track, showcasing Steve's talents as an all around composer.

4.Natural Born Boy - Instrumental. Yes, a guitar instrumental, containing one of the coolest riffs ever. I KNOW you'll like at LEAST this one.

5.Details At 10 - a vocal-led track that would probably also fall under the freakin' hilarious category. You'll like it.

6. Massacre - Another one of the coolest riffs ever, over which Vai messes around with what sounds like a Digetec Whammy pedal. Underlined by technoy drum machine beat (don't let throw you off).

7. Burnin' Down the Mountain - acoustic instrumental. Apperently this was just improvised while sitting on the roof of the studio with a few other people who were there for the album sessions. It's got kind of a nice little melody, but it's a very personal track, for Steve, and the others who made it; it really should've been left off the album.

8. Little Pieces of Seaweed - Holy *&%#! Where to start... I personally love this track, cuz i'm just really into the weird and quirky, but it's understandable if you aren't able to fully understand this; it IS quite a bit to take in at once. Everyone HAS to hear this track at least ONCE. Thats all i'll say.

9. San Sebastian - Elevator music-y instrumental that again, showcases his Zappa-like compositional talents.

10. Beast of Love - vocal track. Rather mundane I think. it doesn't really go anywhere.

11. You Didn't Break It - cheesy pop song ( like the "Boy/Girl Song" on Flex-Able). You won't be blown away by anything, but it IS a pretty catchy tune.

12. The X-Equilibrium Dance - Instrumental that sorta goes all over the place. Doesn't really have what one would call a melody. Still kind of an interesting track, though.

13. Chronic Insomnia - Not a track your going to listen to more than once, it's just a recording of Steve doing a bunch crazy whammy bar dives that was put into reverse. Kinda cool to see what sounds it's possible to make on a guitar, but there isn't any kind of MELODY here for you to keep coming back to.

Whew! Now that you have read THAT, i'm sure you'll have a better idea of whether this record is right for YOU or not.
Thanks, the Duke of Dunbar 


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