3 сент. 2010 г.

Greg Howe - Ascend

Artist: Greg Howe
Album: Ascend
Genre: Guitar Virtuoso, Progressive Fusion
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. Unlocked (6:13)
2. Tales Told (6:12)
3. Garden Of Harmony (7:03)
4. Abrupt Terminal (5:49)
5. La Villa Strangiato (9:41)
6. Maniacal (6:51)
7. Her Dance (1:31)
8. Full Throttle (6:06)

    Greg Howe's "Ascend" features more of the guitarist's trademark modern sound that seems to borrow equally from rock and jazz. The CD is a collection of progressive compositions which highlight Howe's incredible technique and melodic genius. Over the course of the 8 tracks, Howe duels with keyboard virtuoso Vitalij Kuprij in an intense progressive musical setting. For his part, Howe creates some excellent conterpoint to the furious keyboard work, revisitng a genre of music that helped to contribute to his development as a musician. "Ascend" also demonstrates Howe's skill at phrasing and an effortless use of both speed picking and smooth legato licks.


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