6 сент. 2010 г.

Vitalij Kuprij / Greg Howe - High Definition

Artist: Vitalij Kuprij, Greg Howe
Album: High Definition
Year: 1997
Genre:  Neo Classic, Instrumental, Guitar Virtuoso, Keyboard
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. High Definition (4:04)
2. Symphony V (7:59)
3. Divided World (6:56)
4. Excerpt from Sonata in A minor (0:53)
5. Opus I. (Theme by Paganini) (5:35)
6. Why? (8:19)
7. Parallel in Time (5:27)
8. Silent Destiny (2:13)
9. Beyond Infinity (1:54)

    "High Definition" is the heavy release in which keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij (formerly of Artension) creates a neo-classically keyboard heavy album with guitarist Greg Howe lending a hand producing and playing guitar. This recording is an extension of Kuprij's compositional and soloing skills and confirms his status as one of today's leading keyboardists in rock. Howe is no slouch here either, as he impresses with his guitar chops (going neo-classical/progressive here instead of his typical rock/fusion) and turns in blazing lead work, racing along with Kuprij at mach speed. Amazing feats of instrumental skill! 


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