1 сент. 2010 г.

Greg Howe - Hyperacuity

Artist: Greg Howe
Album: Hyperacuity
Year: 2000
Genre: Progressive Fusion, Guitar Virtuoso,Fusion
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. Hyperacuity (5:51)
2. Blindford Drive (6:10)
3. Order Of Down (8:31)
4. Heart Activated (5:00)
5. Receptionist (6:25)
6. Trinka (6:09)
7. I Wish (6:44)

Greg Howe's "Hyperacuity" finds the Pennsylvania based shredder delving deeper into the experimental fusion idiom, soloing over advanced rhythmic patterns and adventurous chord progressions. The tracks hearken back to Howe's first few Shrapnel releases, filled with high-tech guitarmanship and musical interplay among the trio of Howe, drummer Kevin Soffera and bassist Dale Fischer. Guitarist Prashant Aswani makes a guest appearance on acoustic guitar on "Order Of Dawn", which also opens with a 1:28 minute drum solo, courtesy of Soffera.


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