7 сент. 2010 г.

Greg Howe - Five

Artist: Greg Howe
Album: Five
Year: 1996
Genre:  Guitar Virtuoso, Guitar Instrumental
Format: 320 kbps mp3
1. Just Kiddin' (5:10)
2. Sit (5:34)
3. Three Toed Sloth (4:12)
4. The Terrace (3:52)
5. Acute (4:24)
6. Quiet Hunt (6:01)
7. Bach Mock (1:14)
8. Plush Interior (4:40)
9. Dusty Maid (4:56)
10. Skyline (5:42)

   "Five", an appropriate title for Howe's fifth Shrapnel release, was again completly recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Greg Howe at his house. Howe even mans the drums on this one. This recording set the stage for Howe's teaming with Richie Kotzen for two releases "Tilt" and "Project". While some of the tracks are a step slower than some of the 'Allan Holdsworth on steroids' feel of some of his previous releases, there are still plenty of examples of Howe's fluid, dare-devil playing over polyrhythmic, funky, neo-bluesy rhythm beds. "Five" includes Howe's trademark shredding on exemplary tracks such as "Just Kiddin'" and "Acute". 


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