24 июн. 2010 г.

Cosmosquad - Live At The Baked Potato

Artist: Cosmosquad
Album: Live At The Baked Potato
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com/
Year: 2001
Genre: Progressive Fusion, Guitar Instrumental

01. Sheer Drama 
02. Fat, Mean & Nasty
03. El Perro Vaila
04. I.N.S. Conspiracy
05. Road To Tanzania/Tribal Trance
06. Chinese Eyes
07. My Guitar Gently Screams
08. Creepy Spider Pt. II
09. Jam For Jason
10. In Loving Memory
11. Journey Through Life
12. Creepy Spider
13. Funk N’ Eh!
14. Red Eye Romp

Live At The Baked Potato features the Cosmosquad trio in a club setting on one February evening in 2001, delivering dynamic material from their CDs "Cosmosquad", "Squadrophenia" and guitarist Jeff Kollman's solo CD "Shedding Skin". An all-instrumental set awaits fans of the galactic band, with funky outbursts giving way to dark, hypnotic grooves, spastic madness meeting ethereal beauty, and African tribal flavors intersecting with melodic flurries. If you are unfamiliar with the guitar work of Jeff Kollman, this live set is a great introduction - over 78 minutes of superb musicianship - and you'll definitely be juiced enough to get the other 9 or 10 titles in Kollman's ever expanding discography.

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