17 июн. 2010 г.

Joboj (aka Joe Bochar) - Orange

Artist: Joboj (Joe Bochar)
Album: Orange
Year: 1998
Genre: Progressive Instrumental, Freak Guitar, Guitar Virtuoso
Tracks: 13
Format: mp3 192 kbps
Size: ~96 Mb
1. Thrown Down A Mountain (2:16)
2. Clutch (4:56)
3. Hooloovoo (3:41)
4. Sleeping (1:34)
5. Chameleon (3:54)
6. Orange (4:17)
7. Pooper (4:20)
8. Inner (4:55)
9. Garden Of Eggs (1:50)
10. The Twiddle (5:23)
11. Chumley (3:16)
12. Raw Sausage Finger (4:49)
13. Psychotic Circus (27:42)

Shattering glass. Screaming occupants. Twisted metal. Overall chaotic mayhem. Is it a high-speed car crash, or is it Orange? You be the judge. This CD from guitarist Joboj, whose first CD, "Anvilhead" (under the name Joe Bochar) covered the entire hard rock musical map, goes one step beyond, pulling the listener into an extreme guitaristic world. Throughout each of the 13 tracks onOrange, Joboj squeezes a different drop of flavor from his guitar, filling up this CD with 73 minutes of taste, melody, mood, and chops, not to mention his usual dose of guitar chaos and offbeat style. Orange -- chock full o' Vitamin "G" goodness in every earful.

Download #1
Download #2

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