4 июн. 2010 г.

Marty Friedman - Introduction

Artist: Marty Friedman
Album: Introduction
Genre: Rock, Guitar Instrumental
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com/
1. 04:52     Arrival
2. 05:27     Bittersweet
3. 04:51     Be
4. 09:14     Escapism    
5. 05:17     Luna
6. 03:55     Mama
7. 04:08     Loneliness    
8. 04:19     Siberia

Marty Friedman's "Introduction" is a richly textured musical tapestry that combines the atmospheric, ethereal qualities of keyboard-oriented New Age and space rock with a tightly woven assortment of guitars. Friedman's approach is very much influenced by Eastern and Japanese music, and other exotic elements, and the compositions on "Introduction" display his emphasis on musicality and originality. The CD is fully orchestrated with instruments such as the violin, piccolo, cello, koto, shakuhachi, and piano as Friedman invites you to burrow deep into your favorite listening chair and slumber to a set of dream-like musical waterfalls as relaxing and soothing as they are totally unexpected, smart, emotive and technically sharp. "Introduction" not only offers something to Friedman fans and guitar fans, but achieves a quality which transcends genre classification, leaving listeners in awe of Friedman's musical prowess. 

Recorded at Total Access Recording, Redondo Beach, CA. Additional tracking at Alex Wilkerson`s Studio, Shadow Hills, CA.

Recorded November, 93 - December, 93.
Mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco, CA.

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