4 июн. 2010 г.

John 5 - The Devil Knows My Name

Artist: John 5
Album: The Devil Knows My Name
Country: USA
Genre: Shred, Metal, Progressive Guitar
Tracks: 11
Format: mp3 320 kbps
1.     "First Victim"      
2.     "The Werewolf of Westeria" (Featuring Joe Satriani)
3.     "27 Needles"  
4.     "Bella Kiss"  
5.     "Black Widow of La Porte" (Featuring James Root)    
6.     "Welcome to the Jungle" (Guns N' Roses cover)
7.     "Harold Rollings Hymn"      
8.     "Dead Art in Plainfield"      
9.     "Young Thing" (Chet Atkins cover)    
10.     "The Washing Away of Wrong" (Featuring Eric Johnson)
11.     "July 31st (The Last Stand)"

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