2 июн. 2010 г.

Joboj (aka Joe Bochar) - X - 2000

Artist: Joboj (aka Joe Bochar)
Album: X
Genre: Progressive Guitar, Guitar Virtuoso, Underrated Guitarist
Country: USA
Format: mp3 192 kbps
Size: 58.52 MB
Tracks: 12

1. Chest Compressio V 6
2. X
3. Vulcanised Rubberneck
4. Condiment Bomb
5. Zero
6. Blackthumb
7. Bitch
8. Stool
9. Tryptophen Junkie
11.Killjoy...Warp Speed
12. Screaming Chicken

Joboj (a.k.a. Joe Bochar) is sick in the head. His latest Nyquil induced album is like a bipolar patient short on meds. Frantic, finger-twisting solos punctuate the furiously fast songs with intent, while melodic refrains toss and turn on a bed of phat beats. Prepare for an aural assault: This is Joboj. This is X. Masterminded by a guy who knows more about do-it-yourself than The Home Depot, Joboj writes, records and plays it all in his home studio. A conceptual departure from his previous three CDs, X obliterates the rules resulting in an experience that is definitely not your typical guitar CD. Ranging from hardcore ("Chest Compression v.6", title track) to trip hop/electronica ("Zero", "Tryptophen Junkie") to acoustic ("Blackthumb", "Bitch") to just plain crazy guitar ("Stool", "Screaming Chicken"), this disc caters to a diverse palate of styles, while maintaining an overall sound that is distinctly Joe.

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