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Jeff Kollman - Into The Unknown

Artist: Jeff Kollman
Album: Into The Unknown
Genre: Instrumental Guitar, Electric Fusion, Instrumental Rock
Year: 1995
Password: http://guitar-maniacs.blogspot.com/
1. Feel The Changes (3:59)
2. Homage To Orf (1:55)
3. Battle Scars (3:56)
4. Into The Unknown (1:28)
5. Veallkut (2:23)
6. Dreamin' In Lydian (3:26)
7. Sole Searching (2:59)
8. Playa De Guitar (3:44)
9. Memories Of Jenkins (3:34)
10. A Thousand Faces (5:44)
11. The Test Continues (4:02)
12. Turnaround (3:19)
13. Lester's Shuffle (3:10)
14. Neo '80s Mumbo Jumbo (1:36)

Into The Unknown features fourteen awesome cuts of instrumental hard rock, shred and fusion axework that spotlights Jeff Kollman's talent like no other recorded work to date. Fist-pumpers such as "The Test Continues" and "Battle Scars" alternate with extended preludes such as "Homage To Orf" and the title track, as Kollman serves notice that he is a fiery player to be reckoned with. The CD also features touches of classical and jazz in spots. Kollman is a very versatile guitarist with a powerful sound and style and he manages to strike just the right balance between chops and songwriting. Into The Unknown also includes the heavyweight rhythm section of Kevin Chown on bass and brother Tommy Kollman on drums.

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