1 июн. 2010 г.

Dave Martone - Demon's Dream

A Demon's Dream represents the number one guitarist from Canada, David Martone, releasing his best album to date. Matt Williams, the head of Liquid Note Records writes, "The CD is a feast of memorable tunes and stylistic flourishes cemented together with a superb production (produced, engineered and mixed by Dave, himself a former music engineer). One of the year's best instrumental guitar albums, A Demon's Dream contains everything from metal and country to blues, ethnic and techno." Again a celebration of musical diversity, A Demon's Dream features top notch modern production techniques fused with some of the most daring guitar playing ever heard. A true classic!

Artist: Dave Martone
Album: Demon's Dream
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, Guitar, Guitar Instrumental, Shred
Format: mp3 224 kbps
Size: ~77 Mb

1. Big Church (6:00)
2. Do Da (3:12)
3. What The Hell (6:50)
4. Country Maniac (2:14)
5. Demon Fetal Harvest (6:52)
6. Got Da Blues (4:50)
7. Attack Of The Celery Crunchers (4:46)
8. Tone Of Darkness (4:22)
9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (6:12)
10. Code Red (4:05)
11. Panamenco (5:12)
12. A Demons Dream (1:21)

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